Nalas Suites sit perfectly on the southern part of Santorini, in the historically acclaimed village of Emporio.

Built at the foot of Profitis Ilias Mountain, Emporio village has been the island’s centre of commerce for centuries. Just 10 miles from Fira, the vibrant capital of Santorini, Emporio is the largest southern settlement on the island and boasts a long-standing history. In the heart of Emporio, travellers are free to admire the well-preserved “castle-like” structures called kastelia.

Each kasteli represents the distinctive building method of the islanders specifically chosen to protect the locals from hostile intrusion. They used to camouflauge the buildings and bring them close together, creating curved and sturdy fortifications to withstand the enemies’ attacks and even lure them away.  Beautifully renovated homes and yards can be found throughout the village. The houses have been well preserved and are known for their colorful doors and the village for its maze like streets and nooks and angles that thrill visitors by bringing them back to a time long gone.

From Emporio village, you can easily access all the major attractions and points of interest in Santorini. The archaeological site of Akrotiri sits just a few minutes’ drive from Nalas Suites, along with the famous Lighthouse for spectacular sunsets. The Red, White and Black beaches are all situated on the south of Santorini, making access from Emporio village easy. Vlihada, Perivolos and Perissa beaches are also close-by, while in Kamari the beach is adjacent to a promenade filled with restaurants, cafes and bars to enjoy.

Transport to the port and the airport is easy and undisturbed, due to the privileged location of Nalas Suites.

Good To Know

Known for

Kastelia, Tower of Goulas, Church of Panagia Mesani, Windmills.


Traditional taverns, cafes.

Other activities

From Emporio you can reach Pyrgos and Perissa following a walking path. Short distance from Perissa, Perivolos and Vlichada Beach.