Please read and accept our Policies before booking.

Reception hours: Nalas Suites is a self catering property with no 24 h Reception Desk. We can be reachable and available on a 24 h call.


Check-in Time: At 15:00


Check-out Time: At 11:00 am


Maid service: daily maid service is provided for each suite.


Breakfast: Breakfast Service is not included


Outdoor Jacuzzi’s policy: Jacuzzi’s jets switch on and off manually.  The button is located on the panel control. Please remember to switch off the jets and the lights after each use. Do not use any lotions, oils and sunscreens in the tub. Always shower first before using the Jacuzzi tub.


Lights:  Outdoor lights switch on and off automatically in the evening and early morning.

We kindly invite you to help us in our effort to limit the electricity waste on the island, so please remember to manually switch off any lights you don’t need before sleeping or leaving the suite.


Water supply: TAP WATER IS NOT DRINKABLE. Water is only for domestic use and personal care.  


Kitchen: Kitchen equipment and utilities are at your disposal. You need to manually switch on/off cooking hobs and ventilation. Due to the layout and ventilation of Nalas Suites, it is not suitable for cooking.  The kitchenette is there for simple snacks, making coffee and drinks. In case of non-compliance with the above, a penalty of 300 € will be charged at the checkout.


Baths: We provide a dispenser with liquid hand soap, face and body towels, bath robs, and bathmats in the bathroom. As part of Nalas Suites’ commitment to conserving the environment, we will change bed linens and towels as necessary or upon request:
a towel on the rack means ‘We will use again’,
a towel on the floor means ‘Please replace’.

We thank you in advance for your help in our efforts to conserve the earth’s resources.


Toilet: Do not throw paper or any other litter in the toilet.


Smoking Policy:  Smoking is strongly prohibited. In case of non-compliance with the above, a penalty of 300 € will be charged at the checkout.


Pet policy: Pets are not allowed.